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Is this dose of folic acid adequate?

Q: I am a 29 years old, married diabetic woman. I had two miscarriages. I am taking Folvite, twice daily, for the last 4 months (after my second miscarriage as advised by my doctor). I want to know whether this dose is high or it is ok?

A:Folvite (folic acid) is meant to prevent defects in the baby in all women. The actual requirement is 0.5 mg (half milligram) per day. Folvite tablet contains 5 mg, which is already more than adequate. No purpose is served by taking two tablets that contain 10 mg of folic acid in all. Reproductive capacity of women with diabetes is normal. However, in such cases intensive control of blood sugar is exceedingly important particularly at the time of fertilisation. Please keep in mind that glucose crosses placental barrier and reaches the baby but insulin does not. Hence high blood glucose levels in the maternal blood can stimulate insulin production in the baby, which is not desirable. Please make sure that your HbA1c remains within normal limits.


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