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Is there no treatment for my eye problem?

Q: I have weak spots in the retina of both my eyes. The right eye is weaker and my vision is 6/5. I see flying threads and spots in the air all the time. I am a computer student and have to work 10-12 hours at a stretch on the computer. My father had the same problem when he was of my age. He had a haemorrhage and suffered a lot. I haven't told him yet, as it will be a great setback to him. I have consulted 5 top doctors and I am planning to go to Delhi to see more. But all the doctors are saying that it is incurable and that they will seal the haemorrhage after it occurs by laser therapy. Is there no cure for this? I have taken the best possible precautions all my life. I am non-alcoholic, non-smoker, have never tasted non-vegetarian food and have never took to anything that could harm my body.

A:As long as your vision is so good you should not worry about it at all. This is called vitreous floater and completely harmless. Although this will not disappear, it will only be noticeable when you look at a bright light or bright background. If it has persisted longer than 6 weeks, there is no danger. You don't need to see any more specialist. If you don't need it, laser treatment can do some harm as well. It is more common in shortsighted (myopic) people. What I would like you to do is to close one eye at a time and check your own field of vision by looking straight ahead with the other eye and checking how much side vision you have on all sides and above and below, if ever you notice any dark areas like a cloud appearing in any field of vision then only you should see an eye specialist. This can be a symptom of retinal tear which can cause retinal detachment. You should not delay then. Don't consider vitreous floater a disease so there is no need to think about treatment. Best wishes.


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