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Is there any way to get a clear vision without glasses?

Q: I am a 15 years old girl having -0.75 power in the left eye and -1 in the right eye. I wear glasses. I can't see distant objects clearly. Now I can't even see objects lying at my foot clearly, I get a blurred image. Is there any way to get a normal and clear vision? I don't want to go through any laser operation.

A:You are unnecessarily worried too much about your vision. You are suffering from myopia or short sightedness. This is not even a disease, this is caused by eye size being bigger than normal and is supposed to be more beautiful. As a result of this you will have blurred vision for any thing more than one meter from your eyes. For most things near like reading and computer, you can do without glasses but to see TV or anything beyond one meter you have to wear glasses or contact lenses. As you are still growing up, the power may even increase slightly but should stabilise after 18 years of age. For this small power no body including myself, will recommend laser surgery either. Don't blame yourself for this and there is no way to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses. Only thing I will advise you is not to read or do close work in dim light and be care free. At your age you go through lot of mental turmoil and this is least of your problems.


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