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Is there any treatment for retinitis pigmentosa?

Q: I am a 43 years old man suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and having complete vision loss since twelve years. Confrontation with the direct sunlight makes my problem worse. I am not able to read, write or walk by myself. Recently, I came to know that a camera technology through the tooth to replace the retina is under process and the same is being done in Chennai. Is it true? Please advise.

A:There are millions of people with RP waiting for a cure all over the world. As on this date, there is no facility available anywhere in the world to get your vision back. Plenty of research is going on at many centres, but no solution yet. However there are a number of people who are misdirecting people and offering treatment, with the sole intention of making money, but there is no treatment or surgery for this. Retinal chip or implant (you could google search for this) is a hope but you may have to wait for several years. In the mean time contact orientation & mobility services of any blind rehabilitation organisation, and the training you get will help you to live near normal life.


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