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Is there any treatment available to decrease my number?

Q: I am 25 years old male, computer professional. My eye power is -2.5 and -2.75. I am using spectacles. I feel that my eye power is increasing day by day. I met an ophthalmologist regarding Lasik but he told me that I can’t undergo Lasik because my eye power is not stable. How can I stop the progression of my eye power and can computer have harmful effects of my eyes?

A:There is no way by which progression of eye power can be stopped. You have simple myopia which usually does not progress after this age. Get your eye examination done every 3 months and see how much change in power is there in a year. Working for long times on computer does not have any effect on eye power. It may lead to dryness or eye-strain which can be taken care of by lubricating eye drops.


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