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Is there any injection to cure osteoporosis?

Q: I have been diagnosed to have thyroid and osteoporosis. Though, I have been taking thyronorm 50 mg, the treatment for osteoporosis did not suit me. I had been taking Risofos 35 mg once a week for the last 6 months but I started having high B.P., which otherwise was always normal. Raloxifene also did not suit me. I have been advised to go for an injection once a year. Will it have any side effects? My TSH is 3.832.

A:Your thyroid status is normal with 50 mg thyroxine. For osteoporosis - risofos 35 mg once a week should not cause high BP. Re-check your BP after stopping Risofos for 3-4 weeks. The injection for osteoporosis is once daily for minimum one year and not once a year. This treatment does not have side effect and is the best treatment for osteoporosis.


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