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Is there any cure for zero motility of sperms?

Q: I have my heart in the right side. It has been more than three years of my marriage, but I'm not able to make my wife pregnant. My wife seems to have everything all right as per doctors. As identified by sperm test of mine, the motility of my sperm is almost zero, though the quantity is in millions. We have twice tried IVF also with this sperm without success. The doctor now suggests to go for IVF with donor sperm, which I do not want. The doctors think there is some genetic problem in my sperm, whereas no one in my family has this problem. Is there any way to recover from this problem?

A:What you seem to be having is called Kartageners syndrome which means a complex of right side heart and other organs in the abdomen, sinusitis, chronic lung infection (bronchiectasis) due to dilated branches of wind pipe and immotile cilia syndrome which includes immotility of sperms. Now the treatment - donor sperm are better, because of more certainty of result and more importantly you will not transmit the problem to offspring (the chances of this is absolutely unpredictable). If at all you choose to have your own sperms, try ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) with IVF. Those who do IVF know about ICSI.


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