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Is there any cure for Myelomeningocoele?

Q: Is there any permanent cure for Myelomeningocoele? Or else how the patients can be treated in order to lead a near-normal life, if not normal life?

A:Myelomeningocoele is a condition wherein, due to a developmental abnormality, the baby is born with a deficiency of the coverings of the spinal cord. This can result in damage to the spinal cord and its nerves which are exposed to the atmosphere at birth. Such damage can render the baby paralysed in the lower limbs with inability to control the passage of urine and stools. If the spinal cord is surgically covered using neighbouring skin immediately after birth it may be possible to prevent the paralysis. If such surgery was not performed and the child rendered paralysed, little can be done except for attempts to rehabilitate the child such that it can overcome the handicaps to the maximum possible degree. Paraplegia centres can help in this rehabilitation.


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