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Is there any alternate treatment for glaucoma?

Q: My 82 years old grandmother had an eye problem last month. The doctor told us that she is suffering from glaucoma (kala motia), which needs to be operated. On the day of the operation, the doctor said that pupil (putli) is not expanding due to, which the operation is not possible. He gave some eye drops and asked us to get it operated after 2 days but the problem still persists. Now the doctor is saying that even after operation it is not certain that the eyesight will be back. Should she go for the surgery? Will it be worth it? Is there any alternate treatment?

A:Glaucoma is a chronic disease, which can remain undetected and thereby cause significant damage to the eyesight. At this stage depending on the damage already caused, sight can be preserved but not restored. Putli is pupil and needs to be dilated only for cataract surgery, not for glaucoma surgery. Eye specialists constantly encounter poorly dilated pupil and we know how to deal with it during surgery, not just postpone the operation. Take her to a good eye specialist and/or institution that will deal with her eye. We cannot guarantee return of vision but certainly some visual improvement should be there.


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