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Is there an alternative to glasses for improving vision?

Q: My 15 years old daughter is complaining of some vision problems for the last one week. I consulted an eye specialist. He told that my daughter should use glasses / lenses. The doctor has written - distance R.E: -2.00, L.E: -1.50 and for near add R.E - L.E. My daughter doesn’t want to use glasses. Is there any other treatment?

A:There is no alternative treatment but her defect is small & good news is that she does not have to wear glasses for near work like studies etc but the bad news is that this defect likely to get worse as she is of a growing age. She does need to wear glasses for looking at distant things like blackboard or TV. If she or you don't want her to wear glasses the only other alternative is to wear contact lenses about which you need to discuss with your eye specialist or optometrist who specialises in contact lenses.


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