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Is there a cure for corneal erosion and lattice?

Q: I am a 34 years old man suffering from recurrent corneal erosion and corneal dystrophy (lattice). During childhood my right eye got hurt when my friend poked his finger in my eye. Dystrophy is a heredity problem, my father and grandfather also have this disease. Because of dystrophy and the childhood injury I am facing recurrent epithelial erosion in both the eyes for two or three times in a year along with vision deficiency. It has started affecting my career. Currently, I am taking treatments from the doctors and according to them there are no remedies for epithelial erosion and corneal dystrophy (lattice) apart from corneal grafting. But at this young age and with my current vision they are not suggesting me to go for corneal grafting. What should I do? Please suggest.

A:Lattice corneal dystrophy as you know does not get better and recurrent corneal erosion is partly caused by that. Although there are many treatments including laser to prevent it. I would suggest using some either liquid paraffin (Lacrilube) drops or mild eye ointment to prevent eye lids sticking to the corneal epithelium at bed time and never rub your eyes, which causes epithelium to come off time and again. Longer you prevent it, more stable is corneal epitheium. In the day time if eyes feel tired or gritty, use some artificial tear drops to sooth your eyes.


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