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Is the drug to help quit smoking safe?

Q: I have been smoking for the past 15 years. I smoke 10-15 cigarettes a day. Tried to quit couple of times but failed to cope up with strong cravings. I would like to consider Zyban as an aid to my next attempt. I am aware of the clinical results of some mouth dryness and insomnia but I would like to know whether taking Zyban could be fatal?

A:Zyban is the brand name of a drug called bupropion. I am afraid your fears of unacceptable side effects are misplaced. While using any drug, risk-benefit ratio has to be assessed. If a medicine is used in contraindicated patients or safety precautions not observed, naturally there can be serious adverse effects. For example if bupropion is used in patients with epilepsy or cirrhosis or concomitantly with MAOIs group of drugs, there will be problems. Otherwise the drug is safe for use. It would be in your own interest to stop smoking as quickly as possible. Smoking does lead to horrible consequences.


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