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Is tenderness in stomach linked to urinary infection?

Q: I recently had some tenderness in my lower abdomen. I was feeling weak so I went to a doctor. After several examinations like ultrasound, ECG etc. the report given by radiologist was as follows - all normal except 16x12 mm simple cortical cyst, right renal simple cortical cyst, numerous internal echoes in urinary bladder (cystitis) and insignificant post void. I have four children after which I had a hysterectomy. I have trace of proteins and 40-50 pus cells. What am I suffering from?

A:The association of lower abdominal tenderness with increased pus cells in the urine points towards an infection in the urinary bladder. This can be followed up in two ways. The first is a course of antibiotics followed by a routine urine examination and a culture to confirm that the infection is gone. This is referred to as empirical treatment. The second course of action is a urine culture and a vaginal examination followed by appropriate medication and a urine culture. It is very important to follow up with a urine culture after the treatment course is complete to ensure that no residual infection is present as this may cause kidney damage or general poor health. The absence of any residual urine after passing out urine is reassuring and the kidney cysts are inconsequential.


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