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Is surgery needed to treat hole in the ear?

Q: As diagnosed by an ENT specialist, my left ear drum has developed a hole. The size of the hole is about 50% of the surface area of the ear drum. This was diagnosed when I had visited the doctor for ear infection. The ear infection developed as a result of water from the swimming pool getting into the ear. Past the diagnosis, the doctor advised me to undergo a surgery to get it rectified. The surgery would involve cutting my ear from behind and then putting another layer of skin or something of that form. Presently, the hearing loss in the left ear is around 25-30%. Is it necessary to undergo this surgery? What will happen if I don't get the surgery done and continue this way? Is there a possibility of a laser surgery instead of cutting the ear from behind?

A:If you feel the hearing loss is a handicap for you, then surgery is mandatory. The new drum is made from a layer under your skin, which in some good hands has a success rate of up to 95%. The operation can be performed from a small incision to a big cut as the doctor told you depending on the expertise and the convenience of the surgeon. If the hearing is not troubling you, then you can wait for some time provided you take a lot of precautions and keep in touch with your ENT doctor from time to time. Remember, having a perforation is not normal and so you are the best judge to decide what can be done. The doctor can only suggest solutions to you. Don't be scared or worry about this ailment.


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