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Is surgery necessary for central serous retinopathy?

Q: I have been diagnosed with pigment epithelial detachment in my right eye a couple of months ago. I am under medication right now but the problem seems to persist. In the latter half of the day I have a wavy distorted vision. Will medication work or do I have to undergo surgery? How long will it take to completely heal if I take medicines alone instead of surgery? What are the pros and cons of the surgical procedure? What are the chances of its recurrence? I never had any eye problem before and I am of sound health. What are the reasons of developing this ailment and are there any preventive measures? How serious is it?

A:Pigment epithelial detachment should get better on its own in few weeks or months time. It does not require surgery but sometimes laser treatment may be necessary. Reason for this condition is not known but stress may be a cause of rundown health. Medicine may help but try to relax and not worry. It may recur if you suffer poor general health. It is also called central serous retinopathy.


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