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Is surgery for cataract safe?

Q: My 62 years old father has cataract in one eye and the doctor has suggested surgery. My father is a bit weak and timid hearted; and avoids surgeries. Is surgery like cataract safe for a 62 years old man and what is the right time to get it done? It is said that cataract is hereditary. What should I do to avoid it?

A:Cataract is a very common condition, and the surgery for it is very advanced. It is the haziness in the natural lens of the eye. Surgery for it is indeed very safe procedure. It is the commonest surgery that is performed on humans. If the vision is less than what is needed for your father's day to day work, it is better to get it done. Also, there is nothing wrong in postponing the surgery if there are pressing reasons. The cataract takes many months to years to reach the mature stage, when he will not be able to see his own hands in front of the face. However it is not wise to wait to reach this stage. You don't have to worry about you getting a cataract. Most of them opt for early surgery, so that they can enjoy this beautiful world! There are no alternatives for surgery. Laser, medicines, drops, etc. don't work for cataract. Keep good health! Avoid excessive sunlight on the eye. Take foods containing Vitamin C. All of them help.


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