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Is sterilisation reversible?

Q: We have two children. My wife is 32 years old and when she conceived for the third time, we went in for an MTP and laparoscopic sterilisation. At the time of doing the sterilisation, it was noticed that she had hernia complications and so a hernia operation was carried out as well. What we would like to know is whether sterilisation is reversible, if we want to have more kids. I have been reading on American health websites that 70% success rates are possible. And how much would it cost in India ... and what are the hospitals in the south especially, that perform such tubalisation (as it is called)? Are there any age constraints that we need to be aware of?

A:Sterilisation is definitely reversible BUT the success in terms of a pregnancy depends on the following: a) Time interval between the sterilisation and reversal attempt: Reversal performed within one year or earlier carries a higher success rate. b) Length of the fallopian tube present following sterilisation: Short length of the fallopian tube present following sterilisation carries a poor chance of pregnancy. c) Presence of any associated intratubal pathology like peritubal adhesions, tuberculosis / gonococcal salpingitis carries a poor prognosis. d) The expertise of the gynaecologist performing the microsurgical reversal surgery is of paramount importance.


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