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Is spring catarrh curable?

Q: My 12 years old son is suffering from redness of eyes. The doctor has diagnosed spring catarrh and treated it with low steroid eye drop FML/lotepred. As he is still not improving, the doctor has suggested ointment Tacroz. Is spring catarrh curable? Will homeopathy work?

A:Spring catarrh may be associated with several so called atopic disorders like eczema, asthma etc. This is usually due to allergy to something like grass, pollen etc. which is abundant in spring season. This will definitely get better but may last for few years whether you treat it or not. Your doctor has given the right treatment. Sometimes it will be helpful just to wash the eyes with clean water not only to relieve the discomfort but also to wash away stuff which is causing allergy in the first place. I am not qualified to comment on homeopathic treatment for this.


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