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Is spotting common after dilatation & curettage (D&C)?

Q: My wife is 36 years old. She underwent a D & C (surgical) due to miscarriage two weeks back and was discharged on the same day. She is having very slight discharge and / or bleeding like spotting on and off. I am worried about this and would like to know whether or not this is common. Do we need to consult the doctor immediately? We are scheduled to meet the doctor this week. How long does this slight pain or discharge persist normally?

A:Some slight discomfort and spotting is usually normal. It all depends upon how advanced the pregnancy was during D&C and whether there were any problems encountered during the procedure. Also, I prefer to give antibiotics for at least five days after the procedure. Your doctor is the best person to consult and clarify your doubts - it is impossible for me to say without examining your wife whether this pattern is the normal pattern or is indicative of some infection or incomplete abortion.


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