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Is sexual inquisitiveness normal in young children?

Q: My six year old son had a friend over for play. They went into his room and closed the door. Not hearing much from the room I became slightly suspicious. I entered the room to find my son lying on the bed with his pants lowered slightly. He looked guilty and said that his pants were falling down. My son had an erection too. I am not sure what the other child was doing or whether he was involved at all. Is this behaviour normal for a six year old? Is it normal for a child to explore such things at such an early age? I am concerned and don't know how to deal with it. I think I have to talk to the parent of the other child.

A:Sexual inquisitveness is normal, and that in itself is not a problem. You can mention this to the other child's parent. Both you and the other child's parent, need to talk openly with your children, ask them as to what was happening, and try and clear the thoughts in their minds, and give them a perspective based on their ages. Do not scold, punish or make an issue out of this.


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