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Is Pregnidoxin safe during pregnancy for saliva problems?

Q: I am 13 weeks pregnant and have too much saliva. I went to a gynaecologist and she prescribed pregnidoxin 3 times a day. I still have saliva. I read an article on this medication and I am scared. What can I take to stop this saliva issue because it’s so annoying? I can’t visit my friends and I am quite stressed at work. Please help on this.

A:Pregnidoxin is not indicated for reducing saliva and certainly not be used during pregnancy. It contains meclizine and caffeine. Meclizine has basically antiallergic properties and its side effects include dry mouth. Apparently Pregnidoxin was inappropriately given for its side effect rather than effect. Any problem in the mouth, such as dental decay, ulcers, inflammation (stomatitis) can increase the amount of saliva. Psychological factors like anxiety or excitement also play a part. Increased salivation is usually temporary. Please keep in mind that up to two litres of saliva is produced and swallowed daily. There can indeed be problem in swallowing but I do not think that is the case. It is possible that you may have powerful reflexes in the salivary ducts, which eject a normal amount of saliva but in a large jet. Sometimes a very small stone may partly block one of the salivary tubes (ducts), which can cause an accumulated pressure and increased force while ejecting the saliva. We do have some drugs such as atropine to reduce the flow of saliva. These should be used in very severe and extreme cases of saliva drooling but unfortunately they aren't very effective and have short duration of action apart from undesirable side effects. I think to begin with you should consult a dentist for determining the cause of excess saliva. In the meantime you should not talk while eating.


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