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Is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) curable?

Q: I am 25 years old and single. I weigh 69 kg. I recently underwent USG screening for the pelvis and PCOS was detected. How can I get back to my normal self? I do not show any typical symptoms of this disorder. My periods are regular and the flow is normal. I have no acne problems. I do not get clots during periods. How serious is this disorder, given the fact that I don't have any menstrual problems? Is this 100% curable? Will the ovaries get rid of all the cysts and become normal as they were before, both in structure and function? Can stress or tension lead to PCOS? What should I do apart from medication to alleviate this problem? What should be avoided by the patient who is facing this disorder? How effective is Ginette 35 in this situation? What is the duration of the treatment for PCOS? Does PCOS affect the ability to conceive in future? My reports are as follows: USG - pelvis (screening); Clinical profile: - Stress oriented hirsutism; Uterus is anteverted; measures 63* 37* 54 mm in size and shows normal echotexture. The endometrial echo is thin (5mm) and central. Ovaries are bulky; show rather echogenic stroma with multiple immature follicles arranged at the periphery. This is consistent with polycystic ovaries. Right ovary measures 39 x 29mm while left ovary measures 38 x 30mm. Scanning of upper abdomen shows grade-I fatty liver. Impression - findings are consistent with polycystic ovarian disorder.

A:You are definitely overweight and according to the medical report you have excessive hair on your face. Both these problems can occur in PCOS. This is not 100% curable (as of now). Stress does not lead to PCOS. If the ultrasonologist is experienced, he should be able to diagnose PCOS accurately as other conditions can simulate this condition. Sometimes, a woman can have biochemical abnormalities without clear cut ultrasound picture of PCOS and vice versa. Medicines are the first line of treatment for PCOS. What the patient needs to do depends upon end point to be achieved - e.g. conceive, get rid of excessive hair, reduce weight or all 3. The medicines are good. It can at times be combined with others depending upon existing biochemical and physical problems. Duration of treatment cannot be stated right away without monitoring you or having examined you. Usually treatment lasts 3 to 6 months with the medicine you have mentioned. Yes, PCOS patients tend to have problem in conceiving.


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