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Is passive slimming advisable with slip disc to lose weight?

Q: I am suffering from slip disk and cannot go for any active slimming because it triggers my pain. I came to know about passive slimming. Is it helpful or does it have any side effects? After stopping passive slimming can I shift to active slimming slowly or is the inch loss a temporary phase?

A:Long-term slimming, weight loss or inch loss cannot be achieved either generally or from specific areas of the body by any means other than dieting and a good exercise plan. Most passive exercises include expelling water, speeding up the metabolism, using mechanical devices, wearing garments or applying substances to the skin do not work. Any centre that promotes aids and gadgets such as body wraps, sauna belts, electronic stimulators, passive motion tables, aromatherapy, appetite patches, earrings, accupressure devices or acupuncture is not going to give you results. We live in an age of quick fixes. Quick fixes for weight loss may cost lots of money, but they require minimal effort, are usually instant and come with some kind of 'guarantee'. It is these characteristics that make them so appealing and sought after. Much less appealing, is the idea of changing an attitude and subsequent behaviour. This requires substantial effort, a major time investment and a guarantee that is strictly subject to your input! Trust me, its quite easy actually. Let’s face it - passive exercise (a contradiction in terms), miracle diets and all other fads associated with 'instant' weight loss simply don't work! Yes, unfortunately, if you are looking for long-term weight loss and maintenance – the only way to succeed is to change your lifestyle for life! This means eating a healthy, balanced, low-fat, moderate diet and exercising regularly. Exercise requires effort, it doesn't always feel pleasant and it often requires serious motivation. BUT – there is no doubt that the benefits are so numerous that NOT incorporating it into your lifestyle is doing yourself a major disservice. And if you are trying to lose fat – exercise is an absolute non-negotiable. If you avoid going to the gym you are only going to weaken your back further. First see a physical therapist. A physical therapist can recommend exercise to help you strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, which will help to keep your back in the proper alignment. Also, a therapist can help you to increase your flexibility and help to establish an exercise program that works for you. Light exercise is important for your back health. He or she may also help you to sort out the cause of your back pain and make recommendations for preventing it in the future, such as changing to a hard mattress, or improving your posture at work.


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