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Is pain after urination due to urinary tract infection (UTI)?

Q: My 36 years old wife has been suffering from pain after urination for the past ten days though it does not happen every time. The pain starts just before the completion of urination. Last night, the pain persisted for a long time. She is drinking adequate water. She does not have any history of stones. The symptoms do not match with those of urinary tract infection (UTI), which she had a couple of months back. Short-term medication of Norflox had cured UTI. But this time she has already taken Urikind-K (Potassium Citrate-Citric Acid) syrup (100 ml) in last 4-5 days. However, the situation hasn't changed much.

A:Pain during terminal part of urination is called terminal dysuria. It usually results from inflammation in and around the bladder neck and immediate surroundings. The inflammation could be infective or non-infective (chemical of foreign body like stone) in origin. While urinary tract infection (UTI), vaginitis or cervicitis is infective causes; non-infective inflammation could be interstitial cystitis, bladder or ureteric stones and bladder cancer. Your physician would be able to reach a logical conclusion based on the findings of clinical examination and relevant investigations.


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