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Is non-functioning pituitary adenoma the cause of my hearing loss?

Q: I am a 24 years old female, have been diagnosed with middle ear infection. It has been two months now that I am undertaking antibiotics and cortizone treatment but my right ear still has not opened. The ENT did some tests and found that my right ear can only hear sounds higher than 110 desibels. He asked me to get an MRI brain scan. Its reports state that I have adenoma in my pituitary gland as big as a pea. Can this be the cause of hearing loss? I am a scuba diver. Will I ever be able to dive again?

A:As per your history, you are suffering from sudden sensorineural hearing loss, which recovers up to two months only from date of onset. It is not related to non-functioning pituitary adenoma. You can dive or swim. It is not directly related to hearing loss. Rarely after deep dive and sudden ascent, causing decompression, round window rupture may occur causing sudden hearing loss. It is always soon after dive and not later and also after deep diving.


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