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Is my wife taking the correct treatment for a risky pregnancy?

Q: My 31 years old wife is pregnant for the second time. Her last menstrual period was a month ago. Our first child is 4 years and 6 months old girl. She was born prematurely after 7 months. At that time the doctor advised us that the uterus is lying on the lower side and during the pregnancy of the second child you may have to put the stitches in the uterus to avoid premature birth of the child. This time after the check up the doctor has told us that the mouth of the uterus is open and will need stitching after 3 months. She has advised bed rest and prescribed folic acid, calcium, Miprogen 200 (twice daily), Pubergen 5000 injection (once in a week).

  1. Are prescribed drugs safe or any better drugs available in the market?
  2. I have read that Pubergen is used before the pregnancy. Is it true?
  3. The doctor has advised sonography after 15 days. Would it have any side effect on the fetus?
  4. Can my wife travel after 15 days?
  5. She is feeling pain on the back and the stomach. Will these drug help?
  6. During the pregnancy of our first child she was very uneasy and use to vomit a lot. Will the same thing happen this time?
  7. Does she need bed rest all during the pregnancy?

A:Your wife has not even missed her period from what you have said and it looks like the pregnancy is very early. Before starting all the drugs you mentioned, an ultrasound (USG) should confirm pregnancy and document fetal heart. That the 'mouth' of the uterus is open should be confirmed by measurement of the cervix (mouth of uterus) by ultrasound done at 12- 14 weeks of pregnancy. If it is actually open so early in pregnancy the pregnancy may not continue.

  1. Drugs are safe but to be given only after USG documentation and only one of them to be given. Both are not required.
  2. Pubergen can be used before pregnancy also.
  3. USG is not found to have harmful effects on fetus.
  4. Very difficult to say at this point of time
  5. No, these drugs will not help.
  6. Vomiting is a common problem of early pregnancy and can happen again.
  7. Not necessarily.


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