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Is my wife pregnant?

Q: I got married last year and my wife missed her periods within 3 months and though we got it confirmed through a home pregnancy, we went for a beta HCG and an ultrasound. The doctor diagnosed it as an ectopic pregnancy and she advised methatrixote injection and got it dissolved. We started planning for the new baby from the last two months and she missed her period this month. She has regular periods of 28-29 days and has never missed her periods. She was supposed to get her periods on 11-12 of this month and so far she has not got them. We used the home pregnancy test, wherein Velocit showed negative and PregColor showed a thin line at even test level. She has all the symptoms of feeling sleepy, tender breasts, fatigue and sometimes vomiting. We are pretty confused whether she is pregnant or not? Is it possible for the test to be negative and still she is pregnant?

A:From your letter it is not clear whether the medical treatment of the ectopic pregnancy was completed this year (2006 May or 2005) meaning was it last year or two months ago? If it was only this year (two months ago) it may be affecting your cycles even now and the low positive pregnancy test may be seen (though unlikely) and the periods may be irregular. However, this seems to be a new pregnancy and she seems to have a positive test if the Pregcolor shows a thin line and it will become more definite soon as it is very early right now. Please repeat the test (PregColor) in two days time and if it is positive you may need a blood HCG to see if there is any risk of a repeat Ectopic. About 10% of the cases of Ectopic may recur (though I must reassure you that 90% of pregnancies after an ectopic are inside the uterus and not ectopic).


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