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Is my son's concentration and memory power low?

Q: My 11 years old son is studying in class 5. He does well in oral subjects but when it comes to writing, he avoids it. For example, his pronunciation is good and he is observant too. He has this problem of forgetting things and has a problem in remembering spellings of words too. He always forgets things, which he kept. He is also restless. Is his concentration and memory power low?

A:There is no specific part of development called concentration. For that matter, memory power as you call it also varies from one subject to another. For instance, if your son is interested in Cricket, I am sure he remembers a lot of cricket scores and data about different matches. Or if he sees an exciting programme on Animal Planet, he does not forget it. When there is interest, a fact is well remembered. Find out his interests and work through them. A little bit of forgetting is quite normal. We all misplace things and look for them. Try and enjoy being with your son, rather than always moulding him into the person you want him to be.


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