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Is my pregnancy ultrasound report OK?

Q: I am 23 weeks pregnant. My ultrasound report shows: Gestational period 23 weeks 5 days; BPD 60 mm (24 weeks 4 days); HC 216 mm (23 weeks 5 days); AC 193 mm (24 weeks 0 days); FL 43 mm (24 weeks 1 day); weight of the fetus - 652 gm; cervical length - 3.6 cm; internal OS is closed. Placenta is low lying Grade-1-2. Please explain the above report. Is the growth of the baby normal?Kindly explain the above abbreviations.

A:The abbreviations are as follows: BPD = Biparietal diameter HC = Head circumference AC = Abdominal circumference FL = Femur length These are the various measurements taken during ultrasound to assess fetal growth and well being. The baby's growth parameters match your gestational age. No need to worry. Please stay in touch with your gynaecologist and keep your appointments. She will let you know if there is any reason to worry. All the best with the pregnancy.


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