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Is my pain due to expected periods?

Q: I had a D and C due to missed miscarriage in the 8th week of my first pregnancy. Now I am 30 years old and after 3.5 weeks I am having severe cramps for the last 4 days. I thought I'd get my periods as I used to have every 25 days but there was no bleeding at all and the pain continues. What is this? Is it normal or is there something wrong? I am confused – should I wait or go to the doctor?

A:The pain is unlikely to be a result of the D & C procedure if it started after 3.5 weeks. However, I am sure your doctor has sent the material for histopathology examination - report should be checked to make sure it was indeed a missed abortion, and uterus has been completely evacuated (cleaned). An incomplete procedure usually causes similar problems, but it manifests earlier. Are you sure you do not have urinary or bowel problems? Indigestion can also give rise to similar pain. Infection following D& C also manifests earlier than after 3.5 weeks. I guess an ectopic pregnancy was ruled out before the D& C. I usually call my patients after 10-14 days of the D& C to make sure everything is OK and to check the pathology report, etc. I suggest you consult your gynaecologist, rather than trying to figure out what you are suffering from.


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