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Is my high sugar level due to Tryptomer?

Q: I am a 29 years old man who has been diagnosed with diabetes having a fasting sugar level of 100 mg/dl and PP of 140 mg/dl. The doctor prescribed Metformin 500 mg SR. I have a history of pain in both lower limbs for the last 3.5 years; I am taking Tryptomer for that. I have gained significant weight too. My weight is 63 kg, which was 58 kg earlier and height is 5.2 ft. Is my high sugar level due to amytiptline, or it is due to some other problem? If it is due to amitriptyline, is it curable?

A:If your initial FBG is 100 mg/dl and PP is 140 mg/dl then you do not have diabetes mellitus but impaired glucose tolerance, which can be taken care with diet and exercise only. Tryptomer can lead to some changes in blood glucose levels but this happens rarely. Tryptomer can definitely cause weight gain. As I understand you are getting tryptomer for peripheral neuropathy but now a days we have better medications for this condition with less side effects like pregabalin 75 mg twice daily. You should contemplate in getting your medications changed from your physician or neurologist.


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