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Is my fetus growing properly?

Q: My ultrasound report is as follows. Please let me know what is the result? When will the heart beat start? I took Clomid and Dephtion tablets before intercourse and am still on Dephtion. Ultrasound report: Examination: V/S PELVIS/Transvaginal (Endo vaginal); Suprapublic & Endovaginal Ultra Sound. Clinical Data: 19 years old; female, primi gravida; LMP - Jan 22, 2005. Findings: There is single intrauterine pregnancy with gestational sac, crown-rump and yolk sac. The CRL measures an average of 2.4 cm. Corresponding to 9 weeks +1 days, however no fetal pulsation is identified. Both ovaries appear unremarkable; No free fluid within the pelvis.

A:The fetal heart beat should have been seen by 7 weeks of pregnancy, especially with endovaginal ultrasound. From the report your pregnancy is not viable. This is what is called a 'missed abortion'. There are numerous causes for this. Your gynaecologist will run you through the requisite tests. You need to undergo a D & C and the material should be sent for histopathological examination and karyotyping.


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