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Is my fetus alright?

Q: Here are the details of my pregnancy and what the doctor has written after checking me: single placenta post, why has she written POST and BPD is 64, FL 46, and Ac 266= 800 gm. FM FH is fine. Now I am in the 25th week of pregnancy. My fetus's age is 3 weeks less than my LMP. So the doctor said that it is 25th week of pregnancy. Actually my last LMP date is 11th of Oct 2005 and the due date is 18th July 2005. Is it a boy or girl and is everything ok with me and my baby?

A:I presume you went to your doctor around 30th April. By your LMP you would be 28 weeks & 5 days. Most of the ultrasound parameters correspond to 25- 26 weeks of pregnancy, except the abdominal circumference (AC) which is of around 30+ weeks. The obstetrician decides whether you have a growth restricted baby or wrong dates by the following: a) your menstrual cycles- are they regular or not and what is the length of the cycle. The EDD is calculated for women with regular cycles of 28-30 days. Rarely , even these women have delayed ovulation leading to a confusion between small baby and wrong dates. b) reviewing your earlier examination and ultrasound records. It is very important to be examined within the first 3 months of the LMP. If any discrepancy is found at examination, an ultrasound helps. If ultrasound corresponds to examination finding, this is made note of. At a subsequent visit 2- 3 weeks later a repeat examination and ultrasound are done. If the examination and ultrasound findings match, and the increase in uterus size is equivalent to the intervening period, then it points towards wrong dates or delayed ovulation. It is crucial that your obstetrician settle this issue now- growth restriction or wrong dates. I am sure she would have done that already. It is against the law to determine the sex of the baby- no doctor does that. You should pray for a healthy baby.


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