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Is my eye power of much concern?

Q: I suffer from Myopia. The power in my left eye is -6.0 and in the right eye is -5.5. The power has been stable for some years now. I go for regular checkups and my optic nerve is healthy. I used to wear contact lenses, but never found them comfortable. At present I am comfortable with glasses. Is my power of any concern? I did opt for laser surgery last year, but pulled out at the last minute because I am scared of losing my eyesight completely. Is it ok if I continue wearing glasses?

A:Myopia is not a disease. Rather it is a refractive state seen in a fair number of the population. The correction of myopia to near zero power is done mainly for cosmetic reasons. If you are comfortable with spectacles as most people are, there is no need to worry. Some people, mostly girls in the adolescent age group, do not like glasses and hence opt for contact lenses. However, if contact lenses are not suitable due to discomfort, Lasik Laser is chosen by the very few who are highly motivated and have the requisite funds. Hence, if there is no pressing cosmetic concern and no occupational reason, like sports activities, glasses are the best option for you.


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