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Is my eye power high because I am very tall?

Q: I am a 24 years old chemical engineer and have eye power of -6 dioptre and -5 dioptre. Is there any means of decreasing the power to -3 dioptre with out any operation? I am 184 cm tall and have been told by many people that my high power is because I am very tall. Is it true? Many companies do not recruit people with high eye power. Does that mean that my career can be hampered by a high eye power?

A:It is not possible to decrease the eye power even by .025. But many a times, myopes wear higher-powered glasses than what they actually need to. Lasik or Epilasik are good and accepted way to treat all refractive errors, but it needs to be done by a good machine and by an experienced surgeon. There are lots of outdated equipment in our country. The myopia is a long eye, similar to a person who is tall. But the two have no cause & effect relation. A cut off of -4.00 is an old concept, and the power has nothing to do with health of the eye. An eye with -8.00 can be healthier than an eye with -2.00. No body can be rejected for having a higher power; many have gone to court and got the appointment done. Appointments with army & aviation have some exceptions.


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