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Is my diet for diabetes and kidney stone fine?

Q: I am a type 2 diabetic since last 8 months. Along with diabetes I am also having kidney stones. My doctor suggested me to avoid potatoes, sugar, carrots, arbi for diabetes and green vegetables, tomatoes & brinjal for kidney stones. These days I am eating only karela, lauki & tauri. Kindly advise me a diet plan. Can I eat almonds?

A:Non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus - Diabetes Type 2 - type 2 diabetes is a chronic, life-long disease that results when the body's insulin does not work effectively. Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas in response to increased levels of blood sugar (glucose) in the blood. People with this type of diabetes have highly acidic urine, a metabolic feature that explains their greater risk for developing uric acid kidney stones. Kidney stones are solid deposits that form in the kidneys from substances excreted in urine. When waste materials in urine do not dissolve completely, microscopic particles begin to form and over time grow into stones (calculi). These solid deposits can remain in the kidney or they can break loose and travel down the urinary tract. Small stones can pass out of the body naturally, but larger stones can get stuck in a ureter, the bladder, or the urethra. The stones can block the flow of urine, often causing intense pain. Diet A type 2 diabetes diet and following the right meal plan can make all the difference to a person struggling to keep their blood sugar under control. Meal planning includes choosing healthy foods, eating the right amount of food and eating meals at the right time. You should work closely with your health care provider to learn how much fat, protein and carbohydrates you need in your diet. The intake of foods high in dietary carbohydrates (include sugar, starchy foods like potatoes and pasta and grain-based foods like breads and cereals) must be carefully controlled. Carbohydrates can also be found in dairy products and fruits and vegetables, as well as many beverages. Whole foods are important because of the higher fiber content and the nutritional benefits from the abundance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. You should eat the following: fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds that are rich in fiber. These fruits are strongly recommended: blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, figs, grapefruit, pomegranate juice and kiwi. Vegetables are almost equally important because they have remarkably less sugar than fruit. Excellent vegetables include artichokes, black beans, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, lettuce, onions, radishes and string beans. Kidney stone formation can be increased by urinary oxalate and the following are foods which help to increase urinary oxalate and should be reduced in the kidney stone diet: • Almonds • Beetroot Greens • Chocolate • Nuts • Peanuts • Spinach • Strawberries It is believed that sugar can increase urinary oxalate and urinary calcium. This is the reason why sugar should also be limited on the kidney stone diet. Protein rich foods like dairy, fish, meat and poultry increase urinary calcium and should be reduced in the kidney stone diet. Potassium reduces urinary calcium excretion which in turn lowers the risk of kidney stone formation in those prone to kidney stone. The following foods are potassium rich foods: • Bananas • Beans • Citrus Fruits (Except Grapefruit) • Mint • Molasses • Potatoes • Pumpkins • Seafood • Sunflower Seeds • Tomatoes Water should be included on the kidney stone diet because it increases the volume of urine. Regular Physical Activity Regular exercise is important for everyone but especially if you have diabetes. Regular exercise helps control the amount of glucose in the blood. It also helps burn excess calories and fat to achieve optimal weight. Choose an enjoyable physical activity that is appropriate for the current fitness level.


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