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Is my chest pain due to cervical spondylosis?

Q: I am 36 years old. I have mild chest pain on the left side from the past one month. Initially the doctor prescribed medicines for gas, but the pain did not come down. I get mild pain in my chest and left arm, every 5 to 10 minutes. I have also observed slowness in breathing. The doctor then advised an ECG, lipid profile and blood sugar tests. All were normal. Then I had a stress echo test, which was normal too. Though the pain has reduced considerably, I am still worried about its cause. Why is it not stopping permanently? I don't smoke, or consume liquor. I have cervical spondylitis. Is the pain due to the cervical problem or is it due to a cardiac problem? Should I consult a cardiologist?

A:I think you should stop worrying that you have a cardiac problem. That itself will relax your tense head, neck, chest and shoulder muscles. Your symptoms are of cervical spondylosis. The major contributing factor at your age is usually bad postural habits. 1. You can try hot packs to reduce the pain and relax your muscles. 2. Learn correct range of motion and strengthening exercises from a physiotherapist. 3. Learn correct postures of neck during work as well as rest. 4. Do not take a thick pillow at night for sleeping. 5. Avoid jerking your neck while shaving. 6. Use your mirror while reversing the car. 7. Do not lie down and read or watch T.V. 8. Avoid carrying weights. 9. Do deep breathing exercises


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