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Is my baby growing fine and when should I deliver?

Q: I am 29 weeks pregnant. I have gained 10 kg after pregnancy. But my stomach is very small. People do not even recognise that I am pregnant. I am worried whether the baby is growing properly. I am taking Globac & Supracal tablets. Due to some family problem, I have not been having healthy food. The doctor told me that my baby is little bit tiny. This is my second pregnancy. In my first pregnancy I had gained nearly 18 kg & I had delivered through C-section. This time also the doctors have told me that I have to go for C-section. What is the ideal time for me to go for the C-section?

A:You need to take a high calorie and high protein diet and get ultrasound scans done once a month to see baby growth till it is normal. Intensive monitoring for well being of baby like counting movements and non-stress tests are also needed if the baby is small after 32 weeks till delivery. If the baby does not increase weight and remains inactive an early section may be needed at around 34-36 weeks. If the baby grows well, and is active, then pregnancy can be continued till a longer time till say 38 weeks.


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