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Is Meprate an effective drug for treating endometrial thickness?

Q: I am a 50 years old female. I have been experiencing heavy bleeding during periods for the last four cycles. The ultrasound done two months back shows endometrial thickness. D&C and biopsy show it is non-cancerous. Pap smear is also normal. In ultrasound the size of the uterus is normal but according to internal check up by the doctor, uterus is bulky. She prescribed Meprate 10 mg twice a day for three cycles for 21 days each. Does it work or removal of uterus is the only solution? Is there any other medicine more effective than Meprate?

A:It works in over 80% situations with regular treatment for up to 6 months. And follow up scan, for size of endometrial thickness. The menses diary is also kept. If it fails, there are other options like a mirena/ conservative treatments like TCRE and endometrial ablation by laser, current or heat- before going for hysterectomy. These have their own risks and benefits. Also other medications like danazol, tranexamic acid and even mefanamic acid are available to reduce blood loss. Anaemia medicines can be taken alongside for quicker recovery.


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