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Is Meloxicam safe in ankylosing spondylitis?

Q: I am a 45 years male. Due to ankylosing spondylitis I am taking Movera 7.5 mg every day. What effect will it have in the long term as I am required to take it for a long time. Are any vitamin tablets to be taken with it?

A:Movera is the trade name of a medicine called Meloxicam. It is sold under other trade names also such as Mel-OD. Certain claims on the safety of meloxicam made while launching the drug have not been substantiated during post-marketing experience. For example it was claimed that meloxicam did not have serious adverse effects on stomach. During a two-year period, the British Government agency dealing with safety of drugs received 773 adverse reports; 41% of them related to stomach problems including 18% stomach perforations and 5 deaths. Naturally the danger is more when taken for long durations. You can take celecoxib (sold under the trade name of Zycel) 100 mg twice daily after meals. Unfortunately ankylosing spondylosis is a chronic problem and hence a person needs to take medication for prolonged periods. Another way to minimize adverse reactions is to alternate Zycel 100 mg twice daily with Mel-OD, each for 15 days. Vitamins do not change the side effects of these drugs. Anti-oxidants such as lycopene (sold under the trade name of LycoRed) may be of some help in generally improving the symptoms .


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