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Is Lasik surgery suitable for very high powers?

Q: I have an eye problem since last 10 years and now my power is -18 (right) and -9 (left). I am using Bausch and Lomb soft contact lenses since five years. This grade of power is because of computer use as I work on computers for 6-8 hours daily. Recently I came to know about eye surgery (lasik, c-lasik, e-lasik, visx). Which one is suitable for me?

A:One eye (-18.0) has a very high number, and no form of Lasik surgery will be able to eliminate this number. For the second eye (-9.0) also, the power is at the upper limit of correction. An assessment of corneal thickness will be required to see if any form of Lasik is possible in this eye as well. An option available to this patient is Phakic IOL implantation or clear lens extraction with a multifocal IOL implantation, which may give him safer and better results than Lasik surgery, since Lasik will not be able to eliminate the whole power.


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