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Is Lasik surgery covered under health insurance?

Q: I have planned to go for Lasik surgery. My Insurance Company has specifically mentioned that any incision on the cornea & any operation on the cornea are covered in its list of day care procedures. Also, nowhere is it mentioned that Lasik is a cosmetic surgery (like skin, dentistry etc, which they have specifically mentioned). Also you will appreciate that Lasik is not an elective process, because with a -7.0 power one is virtually sightless without glasses. If this becomes elective, then probably even mild cataract should come in the same category. Can I ask my insurer to provide me reimbursement cost of this surgery?

A:Lasik is being done for a pre existing condition and is an elective operation but unlike cataract, which is also an elective procedure and is caused by disease, myopia is caused by the size and/or shape of the eye and not classed as disease. Moreover, you could end up worse than before after Lasik surgery and could be considered as plastic/cosmetic surgery. Your insurer could refuse its reimbursement but good luck to you if you can manage to get it.


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