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Is laser surgery outdated?

Q: I am 42 years old male. A month back, I went for an eye checkup for the first time. Left eye power was found to be- Spherical: -2.5; cylindrical- 0.5 & Axis- 40 and right eye- spherical- +0.5. Besides this, doctor found multiple lattices on retina of left eye on outer side (far from centre). The doctor is advising laser treatment. Is it safe? Is it necessary in my case? I have no problem at present due to these lattice. I have also heard that laser treatment is outdated. Is it so?

A:Laser treatment for lattices is safe. It is NOT outdated. There is no harm in getting laser treatment done but the decision should be taken by a retina specialist depending on the location and number of lattices and presence of holes if any.


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