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Is it safe to take Susten during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 27 years old and 4 weeks pregnant woman who was detected with PCOD in early teens. However now I have conceived and the doctor has prescribed Susten 200 mg HS daily for the next 14 days, its already been 6 days now. I came to know that this medicine is harmful for the unborn child. Is it true? The doctor said it is not harmful. I am confused now. Before my marriage I was taking Diane 35. Please suggest.

A:Susten is a progesterone that in low doses helps sustain a pregnancy when risk of abortion due to a low level of progesterone is there as maybe so in PCOD. There is a small risk of fetal defects due to progesterone use. We weigh the risk of abortion with the risk of fetal defects when we give the medication, and overall taking it helps prevent abortion in cases of PCOD. What you need to do after taking the course, is to have a detailed ultrasound scan at about 16-18 weeks to make sure the baby is normal - the chances of which are higher despite the medicines.


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