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Is it safe to take steroids while working out?

Q: I have been exercising for the last 4 years. I have been taking steroids (menabol, testosterone, undecanoate and nuvir) before working out for the last two weeks. Is it safe to consume steroids since I have noticed that my body is becoming more muscular but the size is not increasing?

A:You may be unknowingly inflicting a lot of damage to your body by consuming these products. Consumption of anabolic steroids results in high blood levels resulting in messages (through chemoreceptors) going back to the brain not to produce and/or release male hormones. Such a situation can cause serious problems in the long run in the reproductive system. Besides their consumption can lead to oedema (water retention) putting pressure on heart and kidneys apart from causing high calcium levels that can lead to kidney stones. The way to build body is by eating good, nutritious food and fruits, not man-made chemicals.


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