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Is it safe to take Glyciphage SR for high blood sugar?

Q: My blood sugar level is 110-120 mg/dl fasting and 140-150 mg/dl post prandial (PP). Initially, I was taking Amaryl 1 mg but as it was giving a sensation on my tongue, I was asked to take Gluco Bay which resulted in severe gas trouble. So my doctor suggested Gluco Phage 500. But Gluco Phage is not available in India and I have started taking Glyciphage . With this the gas trouble has started again. Which medicine should I take now? Is it safe to take Glyciphage SR?

A:Yes, Sustained release Metformin (glyciphage SR) has less stomach related side effects. Start with once a day and increase it to twice a day. You should also get HbA1c test, which gives an idea of 3 months control. Please make sure your sugar control remains fine with this medication and if it’s not, then consult your doctor.


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