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Is it safe to take Gestone and Duphaston during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 28 years old female into my ninth week of pregnancy. I have been taking Gestone 100 ml injections twice a week along with Duphaston twice daily and Endogest capsule twice vaginally. I experience morning sickness and headache. Why have I been advised these medicines? To add, I started bleeding after my first internal sonography and was on bed rest.

A:May be these medicines were advised because of bleeding- that is for threatened abortion. However, I think the medicines are a little too much. I would have advised only Duphaston or Inj Susten( but more frequently. Susten given vaginally is good- but when bleeding stops. Also, if bleeding ocurred after 1st scan- it may be due to local causes like a polyp on cervix (provided it was a transvaginal scan). The local causes are diagnosed only by speculum exam. However, please note that these medicines do not harm the baby. You should also take some medicine for vomiting- like odansetron 4 mg twice a day and drink plenty of fluids.


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