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Is it safe to take Duphaston and Pregnyl during pregnancy?

Q: My 34 years old wife had a miscarriage in the 7th week of pregnancy about two and a half years back. Now she is 4 weeks pregnant again. The doctor has prescribed folic acid; Aspimed 75 mg, Duphaston 10 mg for 2 months and Pregnyl 5000 (8 ampules). Is this medication correct? I have concerns about Pregnyl; it seems to be a drug to induce pregnancy and seems to be contra-indicated in pregnancy according to some websites. Please advise.

A:Except for folic acid (Folet) 5mg which should be taken throughout pregnancy, other medicines are not rational and may even be risky in your wife's case for the following reasons:

Aspimed (aspirin): There is no evidence that aspirin is of any help during normal pregnancy. Moreover animal studies have shown that aspirin can cause birth defects in numerous species. There is no conclusive evidence that aspirin causes malformations in humans. When given late in pregnancy in humans, it may cause premature closure of the foetal ductus arteriosus, prolong labour and delay birth.

Duphaston (dydrogesterone): is indicated only in cases of habitual abortion, which are specifically due to progesterone deficiency that too before conception. Just one miscarriage (due to unknown reasons) does not constitute habitual abortion. Moreover, unless blood progesterone levels are measured and are found to be below normal, one cannot administer Duphaston. Duphaston is contraindicated (not permitted) for use during known or suspected pregnancy in all advanced countries. Abnormalities of the genitourinary tract were found in a baby whose mother had taken Duphaston (dydrogesterone) from week 8 to week 20 of pregnancy. The laws in advance countries state: If the patient is exposed to Duphaston during the first four months of pregnancy or if she becomes pregnant while taking this drug, she should be apprised of the potential risk to the foetus.

Pregnyl (chorionic gonadotrophin): is meant for infertility due to the absence of follicle ripening or ovulation in females. It is contraindicated (not permitted) for use during pregnancy. In any case it has no role once a woman becomes pregnant.


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