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Is it safe to take Ciza for clearing bowel movements?

Q: I generally suffer from this problem of not having a clear stool every morning. In worst cases this stretches for more than 4-5 days until I take Ciza (10 mg) or Famonite (20) before my meals. But, recently I came to know that Ciza is banned in most countries for causing irregular heartbeat problem. I drink 4 glasses of warm water every morning before eating anything. I try to take as much water throughout the day as possible. After reading the article on Ciza, neither can I have it as a cure, nor put too much pressure as that may worsen the problem. This leads to other troubles like acidity, severe headaches and breathing troubles. Ciza-famonite was prescribed to me by a doctor after doing endoscopy, nearly 7 years back.

A:I do not know under what circumstances your doctor prescribed Ciza (cisapride) and you took it for so many years. Apparently now you are dependent on like addiction. However, it will be in your own interest to stop taking it forthwith. Apart from causing heart beat abnormalities that has killed patients, it adversely interacts with a very large number of other commonly used medicines such as erythromycin and even grape fruit juice. If necessary you can take metoclopramide (Metocontin Continus) or domperidone (Tridom). Both these drugs belong to the same group to which cisapride belongs but they are devoid of adverse effect on heart. Ciza can cause headache. However one can take Famonite 20 even for long durations for acidity.


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