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Is it safe to take Becadexamin and Becosules during pregnancy?

Q: My 26 years old pregnant wife is taking one capsule of Becadexamin at night, one capsule of Becosules Z and two tablets of Spirulina 2 (500 mg) in the morning, daily. Is it safe for her to take these medicines during pregnancy?

A:A normal person needs no vitamin supplements since diet contains all that is required. An appropriate vitamin, and not a cocktail of vitamins, is required only when there is proven, documented deficiency. The B-complex ingredients of water soluble vitamins, such as Becosules and Becadexamin, are excreted via kidneys when the body does not need them. Other vitamins such as A and E are stored in the body and can cause side effects if consumed unnecessarily. For example, unnecessary intake of Vitamin A during pregnancy can lead to defects in the baby. It is also not clear as to why two brands of similar products (Becadexamin and Becosules) are being taken. The only supplement required before and during pregnancy is folic acid (mandatory) and iron supplements if there is iron deficiency anaemia such as J.P.Tone-TR capsule (which contains both iron and folic acid), one per day.


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